Saturday, 17 December 2011


Welcome to Color And Bubbles for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Color And Bubbles is available at:

How to play:
Choose a difficulty mode (easy, medium, hard).

In easy mode, tap on the screen to fire a bullet from Cannon Cat. The longer you press on the screen, the slower the bullet will move.

In medium mode, aim the cannon by touching and sliding your finger on the cannon, then fire a bullet by sliding your finger elsewhere on the screen. The bullet will fire in the direction that the cannon faces. The faster you slide your finger, the faster the bullet will move.

In hard mode, just slide your finger on the screen in the direction you want the bullet to fire. The slower you slide your finger, the slower the bullet will move, but you will be able to get more accuracy with your shot. (Note: you do not need to slide your finger from the cannon, it can be from anywhere on the screen).

Aim of game:
Try to hit one of the clear bubbles with a bullet. If hit, the bubble will change to the color of the bullet. Now see which color Cannon Cat has become. If he is the same color as a bubble, fire the bullet at that bubble. If he is a different color, fire the bullet at a clear bubble (eventually, you will fill all the clear bubbles with different colors). Keep on firing bullets at bubbles that match the color that Cannon Cat is.  You will see the points increase for the different colors at the top of the screen. You need to get all the points to or above 1,000 to complete the level. This will mean the scene is completely colored.


  • You can move Cannon Cat side-to-side by touching and dragging on the cat's head.
  • If Sticky Bee appears, you can knock him out of the game but firing a bullet at him. If he touches a colored bubble he will start to take points off of its score.
  • If Bullet Bird appears, he will try to catch your fired bullet and if he succeeds he will take points off of that bullet's color.
  • You can use the scenery to bounce bullets off and get to bubbles in awkward places.
  • If your bullet misses the bubbles and gets too slow it will be destroyed and you will loose points.
  • If you hit the wrong color bubble with a bullet too many times (5 or more times on easy, 4 or more on medium and 3 or more on hard), the bubble will reduce in size on the next level. If a bubble gets too small it's game over.
  • If you keep miss-hits to a minimum (2 or less on easy, 1 on medium and no miss-hits on hard), then any bubbles that are not at maximum size and have the maximum number of miss-hits or less will increase in size for the next level.

How far can you get before you bubbles burst?